Panelo help digital transformation at respectable organization:


Smarter Digital Signage System

Panelo Sign

Panelo sign make any screen a Digital Signage, offers premium commercial and interactive digital signage include Kiosk for self service application that impress and draw attention of your visitors with campaign that fully controlled by you. Our cloud services are remotely accessible, secure and easy-to-use.

Integrated Management and Dashboard

Panelo CMS

Any source of content, any kind of Display and no matter how far the display, Panelo CMS provides reliable Content and Display Management solution, to control any digital display using web management or mobile application. With open platform, Panelo CMS easily integrated with other system and IoT to create automatic content and campaign management.

Audience Measurement and Analytics

Panelo Vision

Panelo Vision is AI powered system to gather data and know your audience. The data come from people or vehicle surrounding your display. Panelo Vision enable smart Digital Sigange that adapt the content within audiences' demographic.

Digital Signage Make Easy

Dont have display yet?

Choose your display:

  • Any size with Android Operating System, Windows or Tizen
  • Landscape and/or portrait display orientation
  • Resolution Full HD or 4K
  • 16/7 or 24 operational hours
  • Panelo Sign subscription

Already have display?

Choose your media player:

  • Mini PC with Windows 10 OS
  • Android Box with Android 7 and above
  • Single or Videowall mode
  • 16/7 or 24 hrs operational hours
  • Panelo Sign subscription

Need Custom or Enterprise class deployment?

Custom deployment:

  • On-Premise deployment
  • Custom IoT/Sensor/Application deployment
  • Kiosk Application
  • OEM or White label

Add or change media, change layout. Manage your layout using anydevice, anywhere in the world.

Why use PANELO?

Scalable and Secure

1,2 or 100.000 display? you decide the limit. Easily deliver your message into displays in a snap, Powered by Amazon Web Services, that known as reliable cloud services with state-of-the-art security practices to ensure 24/7 operation anywhere in the world.

Centralize Management

Panelo allows you to create, schedule content and publish real-time content remotely. Execute campaign and engage with audience from anywhere in the world, using easy-to-use Content Management System from any device, ensuring operations continue running smoothly even while you’re on vacation or away from the office.

Interactive Display

Create and share announcements on your screens in seconds. Schedule signs ahead of time to display on certain days or times.

Adaptive Campaign

Panelo provide integration with your business's backend system or IoT (internet of Things), with features including:

  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Alert System
  • Data and Status update
  • Social Media wall

The system can automatically change your signage content to support your campaign changing items.

Widget Application

Panelo provide real time and informative widgets such as Weather, RSS feeds, Time, images and video streaming or webpages to engage with passing customer.
Users have the option to put their web application as widget and interactive signage.

Time and Cost Effective

Panelo provide Display as A Services, including content management and daily operation, the services will save time and money that allows you to invest your engergy into core and demanding areas of business

Let's start!

Bring the benefit of Digital Signage for your business with only an android TV or any other display with these easy steps: 

1. Get your license online at our website and Install to your display.
2. Select layout template or build by yourself
3. Publish to your screen