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Panelo turns digital signage into an effective, easy-to-use solution.

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Panelo Solutions

Upgrade your device and attract more audience.
Effectively, efficiently with Panelo display solutions.

Panelo Sign

Turns any screen into digital signage, which includes premium commercial and interactive self-service features with centralised content management system.

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Panelo Vision

Enables precise marketing by analysing the audience’s profile using AI-Powered system, creating a smart digital signage that suits contents based on audience’s demographic.

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Why Choose Panelo?

We’re focusing on developing Public Information Displays (PID) as a solution, and here’s what differentiate us from the others:

Scalable, Highly Secure Solutions

Display your message freely—on up to 100.000 devices, all in a snap. Powered with Amazon Web Services to ensure 24/7 operations all around the globe.

Centralised Management

Create, schedule, and publish your content  real-timely wherever you are, from any device, with the centralised content management.

Interactive Display

Stay interactive with your audiences by serving the right content at the right time. Just schedule your contents to be posted on certain events.

Adaptive Campaign

Sync your display to the system and make your digital signage compatible to support your campaign needs that automatically change content, periodically.

Widget Application

Attract the passing audience with the real-time and informative widgets. You can also turn your web application as widget or interactive signage.

Effective in Time and Cost

No need to worry about your display and content management, as Panelo provide a hassle-free and cost-effective content management service.

Panelo CMS

Allows an easy, automatic content and display management from any device using web management or mobile application, from wherever you are.

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Panelo Solutions Implementation

Panelo solutions are suitable to be implemented from across businesses, such as:

Advertising Agency

Public Transportations


Food and Beverage

Financial Institutions

Corporate Communications

Healthcare Institutions

Make Information Sharing Easier
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Digital Signage

Purchase digital signage that suits your business needs best. Panelo Sign subscription included.

Media Player

Equip your digital signage with the most compatible media player. Panelo Sign subscription included.

Custom Deployment

Get an Enterprise Class Deployment, all customized to match your needs for a more effective, easy operation.

Transform your way of digital information sharing.

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