What is PANELO?

Smarter and Integrated Next Gen Content Management Platform Panelo provide integrated digital signage platform with Artificial Intelligent to measure and analyze your actual audience and deliver automated action into your screen.

Problem That We Are Trying To Address?

One of the biggest challenges for CEO and CMO when use digital display to deliver content and message is around ROI of their campaign and digital display investment. Calculate ROI need visibility on the system. Visibility about the audience who see the content, when they see the content, for how long, in which content that more have audience, visibility about the display status, visibility about the content played report and many things. When you need to manage thousands of screens, the other challenge is to manage, how to manage those screen, how to manage many different brands and location, keep track to the changes and make sure all screen display the designated content. Those problem is not new and now more complex that business owner started digital transformation and realize the power of digital display as part of the digitalization.

Where We Are Differentiate?

Panelo is the platform that unified Computer Vision AI with content management and put actionable action into not only to digital screen also into other application.

Our Value Proposition For Customer?

Panelo helps gain full of visibility of their real visitor and its all attributes, compile and analyze. In the same time Panelo provide content and display management with automated manner. The Integration gives customer in a cost efficient and simple solution. With growing digital display and its industry, require solution that agile enough to help business provide the best visibility and manageability.

PANELO Integrated Platform

Audience Measurement and Analytics

Panelo Vision

Know your audience, keep track your campaign and deliver content to the right audience.


Simplified Self Order Service

Panelo Order

Self service and customer interactions solution in the frontline of your services for every business.


Powerful Content Management

Panelo Sign

Intergrated DOOH Content Management Platform for every digital display, anywhere in the earth.



Wayfinding Solution

Panelo Way

Interactive Indoor mapping and Wayfinding solution for your customer.


Queue Management

Panelo Q

Queuing System that improve your customer experience.


Why use PANELO?

Growth is Engagement

Enables your product to engage wider audiences and you can deliver the right messages at the right audiences at the right time.

Robust Content Management System

Powerful easy-to-use content management system for all your displays. you can control your display anywhere, anytime from any device.

Automated, Engaging, yet Simplified

Create and share announcements on your screens in seconds. Schedule signs ahead of time to display on certain days or times.

Extremely Scalable

1,2 100? you decide the limit. Easily add or remove displays in a snap.

Our Clients