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Panelo Vision

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Introducing Panelo Vision

Panelo Vision is an AI-Powered system that turns your digital signage into an intelligent, marketing-effective tools. This solution will automatically change content to match every audience’s demographic profile and mood.

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Panelo Vision makes information sharing easier.


Compatible to use on Windows and Linux devices—no Cloud operation needed.


The system involves no personal data save, ensuring audience’s privacy at last.

Intelligent System

AI-Technology system allows precise content display to match audience’s profile.

Easy to Use

Panelo Vision offers an easy operation for the user, it is also easy to integrate for tracking.

Product Features

  • ✔ Enables data analytics related to audience number and screentime for better content strategy
  • ✔ Allows full-profile scan to detect gender, age, emotion, distant, screen time, people and vehicle counting, vehicle classification
  • ✔ Serves analytics dashboard for an easier content analysist and management
  • ✔ Integration capability to Rest API, HTTP, and Broadcast
  • ✔ Compatible for Webcams and IP Cameras

How It Works

Here’s how Panelo Vision helps you:


Install Panelo Vision on Windows’ powered devices like digital signage or media player with connected IP or webcam.

Profile Scan

This software will determine and track passing audience by scanning through their appearance, moods, and estimated dwell time.


Collected datas then updated real-timely on the analytics dashboard which can be accesed for 24/7 online.

Use Cases

Panelo Vision can be used for:

Digital signage

Retail analytics

Video analytics

DooH advertisement

Traffic count

Transform your way of digital information sharing.

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