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Need Hardware solution, project customization, different model of license please visit our Partner Store or contact us.

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Self-service means offering tools and information to audience and customer, that they can have a better experience with products or services by themselves. Panelo Order designed to help consumers request services, find information and solve problems related to products or services.

Panelo Order now available for Restaurant and Services business.

We provide completely free eMenu, that you can put your menu, share it with QR code in your table so customer can make order from the application. Your customer don't need to install any application, just scan and make order, no need printed menu or donwload pdf. When you need further system, we provide solution for Kiosk, POS, Kitchen Management, Queue Order and Delivery System. Integrated with reliable payment gateway, your self ordering system will improve your customer satisfaction and experience thus comply with Covid 19 Health Safety Protocol to minimize contact.

Why Panelo Order?

  1. Drag-and-Drop interactive designs

  2. Powerful menu manager

  3. Easy & powerful page template designer (WYSWYC, HTM L5, CSS3)

  4. Complete module

Panelo QR eMenu

One of the guidance on hospitality businesses safely reopening and operating in our post-COVID new normal is highly recommend using technology like a QR code menu.

What Is a Panelo QR Menu for Restaurants?

A QR code menu is a digital menu that's accessible for customer on their smartphones after scanning a QR code. All customers have to do is point their mobile device and scan the QR code (which virtually all mobile devices can do) and they're immediately taken to a online menu.

How to Create Panelo QR for Restaurant Menu

Creating a QR menu for your restaurant isn't hard using Panelo eMenu. The basic process is as follows:

  1. Go to, create account and make a purchase for Panelo Order eMenu, its completely free without any commitment
  2. We already prepare default layout, just upload your menu picture, create some description, and put price.
  3. Generate QR code and print it.
  4. Put on your table and ready to serve.

With Panelo Order eMenu, you will have free QR Code Menu and if you needed more advanced tools like kitchen management, order management, POS and Others just upgrade into Panelo Order Full Solution.

How to Use Panelo QR Menus for Restaurants & Bars

The power and convenience of QR codes can be leveraged by bars and restaurants easily with a QR menu (and multiple other QR code uses). Let’s take a look at some great ways to use QR code menus.

QR Codes at the Entrance 

Restaurants—both inside and outside of hotels—often have menus hanging up in their windows. With a QR code at your entrance, in a window pointing outside, potential customers can grab your menu as they pass by. And your windows aren’t cluttered by hanging big menus in them forever.

QR Codes at the Bar

As a customer waits for their table, or as they enjoy a drink with no plans (yet) to dine in, present the QR menu code to them. Putting the QR code on the coasters, cocktail menus, or on small, evenly-spaced stands works perfectly. You can even print them out on bar receipts.

QR Codes at the Table

This is where your QR code is happiest. QR codes at the table is the definitive and proper way to replace paper menus for good. That ensures a smooth, hygienic dining experience. You can print your QR code on stickers and artfully place them on the table itself or a nearby wall. Or on a small display meant to specifically house the QR code. Think of it like a menu stand.

Application to transform your display or kiosk into self order system.

Simplified Point of Sale System for your business

Display your customer order status (Ready, Process, Received)

Automatic Order Management at your kitchen

Package of 1 eMenu + 2 Licenses Kiosk Apps + 1 Queue Order Display

Package of 1 eMenu + 2 License POS + 3 Licenses Kiosk Apps + 1 Kitchen Order Management+ 2 Queue Order Display + 2 Licenses Panelo Sign

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