Panelo Vision

Panelo Vision transform your digital signage display into crowd counting, complete audience measurement with programmatic content and still keep your audience privacy

Panelo Vision design to work with any camera with embedded Digital Signage Content Management and online service to manage, collect data, create report and shows dashboard (PaneloPortal)


Start From

IDR 400,000.00/Month

Per License


Windows License

IDR 400,000.00

Total Charged

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Panelo Vision

The software use any ordinary camera, include CCTV into high quality audience measurement data locally and send the meta data into centralize online services.

With minimal CPU needs and entry level webcam or using existing CCTV/Camera. Panelo Vision is a simple to deploy to make your digital signage smarter.

Running on Windows and Linux OS and its modular and open architecture make it future-proof and easy to expand into other analytic area.

What you will get from it?

  1. People Counting

    • Actual visitor

    • Occupancy information

  2. Viewer Information

    • Age

    • Gender

    • Emotion

    • Dwell Time

    • Distance to camera

  3. Content Management for your Digital Signage

    • Manage your display with centralize management without add any CMS software cost

  4. Programmatic Contents

    • Change the display content automatically when your targeted audience shows within camera range

    • Campaign Insight and statistic analytic

  5. Online Dashboard and Management

    • Centralize data collection

    • Data Statistic and Analytics

    • Provide report that shows your content proof of play and the actual audience that see it

    • Create and export report

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